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| Monday, August 2, 2010
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I had the pleasure last week of co-hosting The Michigan Prosperity Agenda program on WJR with Michigan Municipal League President Dan Gilmartin. We discussed economic gardening--the process of helping small, growth-oriented businesses expand and create jobs--efforts by the city of Detroit to "right-size" and the desire of many young professionals to live in vibrant cities.

I've also been talking weekly with Walt Sorg on TalkLansing.net about the Michigan Truth Squad political ad watch project. Susan Demas and I are the Truth Squad referees, calling fouls on misleading, inaccurate and just plain false political ads.

Walt and I will resume discussions of the Truth Squad's work in September at about 6:52 a.m. Fridays.


Alan Stamm said...

As a persnickety, punctilious perfectionist (perhaps you can relate?), I savor the precision of "at about 6:52 a.m. Fridays" to spare readers the inconvenience of tuning in at 6:50.

And what really confirms you have an MDM degree (Master of Detail Management) is using "about" to signal the segment may begin at 6:52:30 or possibly 6:53.

I'm safe not tuning in at 6:51, right?

Rick Haglund said...


Radio is precise--right to the second!

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