Fast Company tackles the Chrysler Super Bowl ad

| Monday, February 7, 2011
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In a blog post today, Fast Company Executive Editor Rick Tetzeli takes a stab at analyzing Chrysler's Super Bowl ad, saying it broke a decades-long "awkward silence" between Detroit and the auto industry. Tetzeli writes:

The city of Detroit housed and raised the factory workers of Chrysler, GM, and Ford’s (as some in the city still call it, as if it were still a little family business). But the car companies discouraged diversification of the city’s economy, and city residents will tell you that the Big Three pretty much just stood by as the unemployment rate soared, the school system went sour, violence reached epidemic proportions, and city government became a piggy bank for the friends and family of city officials.

But in addition to pushing metal, Tetzeli says the two-minute ad also brilliantly managed to sum up the hopes that the beleaguered city can make a comeback, even though the ad was produced by creative types on the West Coast.

Tetzeli isn't just some media hotshot spewing opinions from an office in New York. Before joining Fast Company last May, Tetzeli was executive producter of Time Inc.'s Assignment: Detroit, a year-long journalistic enterprise that was based in a house in the city. His post is worth a read.

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