Did all U.S. job growth in June occur in Michigan?

| Thursday, July 21, 2011
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Something clicked with me yesterday when I read that Michigan added 18,000 payroll jobs in June. Wasn't that the same number of payroll jobs created that month in the entire country?

Yep. So can we say all the job growth in the United States last month, as paltry as it was, occurred in Michigan? I fired off an email last night to University of Michigan economist Don Grimes, asking that question. Not exactly, Grimes responded.

Grimes noted that of the 18,000 jobs added in Michigan, 10,200 were in government. The uptick in government jobs probably was mainly due to the fact that Michigan schools were still in session when the jobs survey was taken and school employees were still counted on payrolls, Grimes said.

School in many other states had already ended and the country as a whole shed 39,000 government jobs.

"The seasonally adjustment process tries to pick that up, but June is a tricky month," Grimes said in an email.

That left 7,800 new jobs added by employers on private sector payrolls in Michigan in a month in which businesses nationwide added 53,000 jobs.

Still, Michigan's performance wasn't too shabby in comparison, Grimes noted.

"The data shows that Michigan is holding up much better than other states," he wrote."Private-sector employment was up about 8,000, which is very good (a much higher percentage gain than the private sector nationally)."

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