"Bridge," new online magazine debuts

| Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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There's a snazzy new player in Michigan's online journalism scene: Bridge, which will cover public policy, the economy, education, the environment and many other issues critical to the lives of Michigan residents.

I was honored to have written much of the content in the inaugural edition and am excited to be a regular contributor to future editions. Bridge has assembled a stable of fine journalists who will report on and analyze the most important issues our state faces.

The Center for Michigan's founder, Phil Power, further explains the role of Bridge:

It’s aimed at providing accurate, trustworthy news and analysis of the public’s business and, thus, at bridging the differences in our state: East and West, North and South, Republican and Democrat, urban core and suburbs, labor and management, poor and wealthy, minority and majority. We intend to fill the information vacuum left by deteriorating Michigan newspapers and the increasingly powerful and ideological single interests.

Check it out!

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